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                                        Dongguan Guanyi Investment Co., Ltd.

                                        Dongguan Guanyi Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our company. It was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan.Main business includes corporate asset restructuring, corporate mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions and asset transfers, corporate investment and financial advisory, property management, urban integrated development and urban renewal, old city renovation, urban unit development, major infrastructure construction, commercial investment, cargo or Import and export of technology (excluding the import and export of goods and technologies prohibited by the state or involving administrative examination and approval), industrial investment, real estate development and management, construction and management of industrial parks.

                                        Guangdong Fudi Investment Limited

                                        Guangdong Fudi Investment Limited is an equity company of our company. It was established in 1988 with a registered capital of 380 million yuan.Its main source of income is property rental and investment income. At present, the property rental rate is over 90%. Rental income includes properties in Dongguan, Beijing and Chengdu, etc.

                                        ABOUT US
                                        MAIN BUSINESS

                                        The main business activities of Dongguan Jinhua’s investment platform include: private equity investment, industrial integration, mergers and acquisitions, etc. The establishment of a variety of funds including the Industrial Investment Fund, M&A Parent Fund, Zhenjie Cooperation Fund, and Enterprise Direct Investment Fund. Holding the advantages of financial licenses, cooperating with the government and its platforms, linking listed companies, giving full play to the advantages of local financial platforms for comprehensive financial services, continuously promoting the innovation and growth of outstanding enterprises in the long-term, and helping our enterprises to become bigger and stronger and promote the real economy. Accelerate development.



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